Ultimate Guide to Finding a Fuckbuddy Abroad

Ultimate Guide to Finding a Fuckbuddy Abroad


Going abroad has so many benefits. You get to experience a new culture, new foods, and meet tons of new people, whether they’re with you on the trip or they’re locals. It’s a life-changing experience for most, and one you’ll actually remember for the rest of your life (unlike prom).

Or, maybe you’re not in school anymore, and you’re frequently going abroad on business trips and starting to get bored and lonely being out there by yourself. Similarly, you could be a lone wolf who enjoys jumping from hostel to hostel and seeing new parts of the world any chance you get.

Either way, you’re abroad, and you’re looking to hook up. Maybe even consistently, with one reliable person. Having sex in a different country is fun, but remember that it’s out of your element. You don’t know who these people are and protecting yourself is vital. Plus, having a dependable person you can call up and hang out with for fun and sex is so much easier than trying to get laid with someone new every night.

If you’re staying for a couple of weeks, months, or longer, finding a fuckbuddy abroad could be extremely beneficial, even if you hook up with other people during your stay. When you have a fuckbuddy, you get to know someone new, different from you, and you can befriend them and enhance your travel experience by showing you local spots and activities. Not to mention the fact that you can always rely on them for a bang when you’re not having any luck meeting someone else on a certain night, or whenever you feel like seeing them.

It’s the best type of fuckbuddy relationship you could have because everything will be super casual and laid-back, so long as you’re honest with them, and it’ll end when it needs to with no expectations. Foreign fuckbuddies, especially if you meet them online at free fuck buddy sites like fuck pal, often understand the terms of the relationship better than anyone you could have at home, especially if they know you’re only traveling for a certain amount of time.

If you want to get yourself a fuckbuddy while you’re abroad, here are a few things you can do to find one.

Don’t Try Too Hard

While you want to get laid, don’t make it the focus of your entire trip. It’ll turn into a bad EuroTrip experience. If you’re trying too hard to have sex with every girl you meet, you’re going to strike out more than you will hook up with them.

The local girls won’t appreciate being treated like an object you’re trying to conquer, even if that’s your goal. It’s better to befriend them first and be casual about it than overtly trying your hardest to flirt and take them back to your place.

Keep Your Options Open

Don’t underestimate the women you meet abroad. You may be into a certain type of woman, but if you keep a closed mind, it’s that much harder to get one to sleep with you, much less become your fuckbuddy. Keeping your options open and being available to any girl interested in sleeping with you will help you get laid.

Who knows, you might be surprised by who you meet.

Act Like You’re Lost to Strike Up a Conversation

One of the easiest ways to get a local’s attention is to ask them for help finding something. If you see a girl walking down the street, or even a group of girls, don’t be afraid to approach her and ask for “help” with translating something or directions to a location.

But don’t let the conversation end there. You could add in another request and flirt with her by saying something like “What does this mean?” and typing out “I think you’re beautiful” in the native language and, hopefully, get a laugh out of her. Just make sure you walk away with her number, and if you’re too afraid to ask for it with your real intention, you could mask it by saying it’s only to ask for any other help if you need it.

Ask For Recommendations

If you’ve got her number, or even if you come across another girl on the street you’d want to talk to, another super easy way to conversate is to ask for recommendations. Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere to try delicious local food, buy from local artisans, etc. Anything that’d be a reasonable thing to ask.

When you approach her, explain your situation and what you’re in the country for. Ask her name. Make friends with her. Again, grab her number, or if you’re texting her, invite her to go with you. If she gave you her number, and actually responded to your message, there’s a pretty good chance she found you attractive and is slightly interested. This will give you a chance to hang out and get to know her, and the area, a little bit better.

If you’re speaking to a new girl and you’re feeling bold, ask her if she is busy, and if she’s not, ask her to go with you. You could propose the idea to her by saying something along the lines of, “This may be too forward, and I apologize if its, but would you want to accompany me? I just would feel better if you came with me, or at least showed me where it is.”

This is risky, but if you’re successful, she’ll see that you’re confident and take an interest in you. Plus, she’ll more likely believe you since you’re a tourist.

Have Your Own Room

If you’re staying to study abroad or are a backpacker, lone traveler, etc., it’s important that you have your own, private room to bring a girl too, or at least find one where you’re staying. It’s okay if you don’t for the first time you’re hooking up with someone, but no one will want to come back to yours if you don’t have your own space to fuck comfortably.

You can either suggest to go to hers or if you do have your own space, even better. A local girl most likely won’t want to be your fuckbuddy if you don’t have a safe, secluded space for you two, and much less so if she doesn’t have one either. So if you’re looking for a fuckbuddy, it’s better to have your own room.

Or Get a Party Hostel

But, if you can’t swing your own room, and you’re not picky about only hooking up with the locals in the country you’re visiting, a party hostel is a great way to find a fuckbuddy. Making friends with a fellow female traveler in these type of hostels is easy, and it’s more likely she’ll be down to be your fuckbuddy so long as you don’t go talking about it to everyone in the hostel.

Party hostels are notorious for having sex, so you won’t find much of a problem getting laid. If you find someone you’re into and would rather have them as your only fuckbuddy in the hostel, and hook up with as many locals as you want, that’d also be a good option.

Go Pub Crawling

Another easy method of finding a fuckbuddy in another country, and one borrowed from most abroad students’ tactics, is to go pub crawling. But make sure you go to ones that aren’t filled with abroad students if you’re looking to meet local girls. Find an area that is away from the regular student area and get the real experience of pub crawling in another country. Bars are always a good place to meet people, and as the night progresses and everyone’s drunker, talking to women will be a breeze.

Visit the Local Hotspots

Besides pubs, you could visit clubs that are popular among the locals to meet women. If you don’t know of any, this is a good opportunity to text any girl whose number you’ve gotten when asking for help, and ask them what the best spots in town are.

Again, if you’re feeling bold, ask them if they’d like to go with you (or your group of friends). If she doesn’t come along, when you get there don’t be afraid to chat up women.

Ask for a Cigarette

When in Europe especially, asking for a cigarette or a light after a night out, and you’re straggling outside the bar or club, is super common. It’ll be less weird than asking for directions, and an easier way to conversate with a girl. Even if you don’t smoke, just act like you do for the sake of this one night that could lead to sex and your potential fuckbuddy.

Just make sure not to leave without her number or inviting her to your next stop. Or, if you’re lucky, she’ll invite you.

Use Tinder

When all else fails, Tinder is still a viable option for hooking up in foreign countries with its “Passport” feature . Be honest in your Tinder bio, though, and let it be known what you’re looking for. You’ll get more genuine responses that way and factor out the girls not interested in being your fuckbuddy.

Just Get Out There!

Ultimately, you’re just going to have to make like any good travel and just explore! Going out is the best way to meet women, and contrary to what you may believe, it’s way easier talking to women and hooking up when you’re abroad. Take advantage of the experience and approach all women with confidence, and if you meet someone you like, and you like the sex, don’t be afraid to ask them to continue hooking up.

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